The Evolution of Surveillance Part 3: Living in the Belly of the Beast

Left: Hokusai’s “Great Wave.” Right: A fractal “Dragon,” visualizing the underlying math of iterative growth.
Okay Glass: Tell a story.
Portrait of the author, Sunday morning at Burning Man 2013 by I Must Be Dead Photography.
Life Imitates Art: Using Glass to navigate to a gig in Dallas, I unwittingly arrived at the set of a prescient movie.
What were you searching for?
The Internet, in two quickmemes.
Upper Left: The World Wide Web. Upper Right: The “Wood Wide Web” of interspecies relationships in a forest. Below: The “Intranet” of functional connectivity between brain regions, in a placebo and a tripping brain. The nuclear mushroom cloud induced a trip of planetary scale, made visible by our maps of the Internet. An existential threat creates new telecom networks just as psilocybin-induced ego death both causes and is caused by new connections in the brain.
Here be dragons: Pokémon Go. Here is my presentation to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Innovation Lab on the ethical questions posed by accelerating technology:
That shuffle algorithm really knows me.
Just a few of the dragon’s many eyes, as manifested through our growing fascination with watchin’ stuff.
“Untitled (Tree Cameras 2)” by Darren Hostetter

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Michael Garfield

Here to help you navigate the accelerating weirdness. Biologist turned philosopher. Host of #FutureFossils & #ComplexityPodcast. Social Media for @sfiscience.